• Kurt Ward

12 Percent of Burlington Voters Narrow Mayor, City Council Field

If yesterday’s primary election is any indication, we can expect a closely contested mayor’s race in Burlington on November 2nd. Approximately 4,000 people voted in yesterday’s primary and the top two vote getters for mayor were incumbent Ian Baltutis and current city councilman Jim Butler. Baltutis received just 14 more votes than Butler, receiving 1,568 votes to Butler’s 1,554. Baltutis and Butler will be on the ballot for November 2. The primary eliminated Donna Vanhook, Walter Boyd and Caleb Massey from the race. In the Burlington City Council primary, former mayor Ronnie Wall led all candidates with 1,799 votes. Wall will be on the November 2 ballot for city council, along with the next three highest primary vote getters – Dejuana Warren Bigelow, Harold Owen and Bob Byrd. Wendy Jordan and Charlie Beasley were eliminated from the race.

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