• Kurt Ward

Alamance Commissions Approve Incentives to Avert EMS Staffing Crisis

Alamance County’s Emergency Medical Services is in a staffing crisis. That’s how county manager Bryan Hagood described the situation in which EMS is operating with about 80 percent of its needed workforce. The county has 19 vacancies among its 96 approved positions. To avert the crisis, Alamance County commissioners have approved the use of $240,000 in federal pandemic relief funds to cover additional shift pay for the current staffers. A $100 incentive would be given to staff members who take on an extra 12-hour shift, and a $200 incentive would be given for those willing to work an additional 24-hours. The incentives are expected to ensure EMS is fully operational between now and December. While commissioners approved the incentives, they also asked county staff members to come up with a long-range recruitment and retention plan for EMS workers.

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