• Tom Britt

Alamance County Company Makes Breakthrough In Growing Truffles In North America

Alamance County is well known as home of LabCorp, and more recently as a center for distribution and warehousing for national and international companies. But way before that and continuing today, Alamance County means agriculture and farm animals. Now, we might just have a new crop to watch for. None other than Smithsonian Magazine has published an article about truffles in Alamance County. Hundreds and maybe even thousands of others have tried and failed to make truffles grow in the United States. Nancy Roseborough and Omoanghe Isikhuemhen appear to have found the formula, and founded a company called Mycorrhiza Biotech to prove their talent. They found funding from none other than the Powell family. Yes, that Powell family. The ones who started Carolina Biological and what eventually became LabCorp. If you think this is just one of those hobbies, know that different kinds of truffles sell for up to 3 thousand dollars a pound. According to the article in Smithsonian, the type of truffles being grown here in Alamance County will probably sell for around 500 dollars a pound. Roseborough lives in Gibsonville, but they have a store on Church St in Burlington, near where the old Social Security office used to be across from Hursey’s and BB&T Bank there on Church. Speaking of coming up with breakthroughs in agriculture. A lot of folks still don’t know that German Johnson tomatoes were created here in Alamance County.

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