• Kurt Ward

American Idol Finalist Sings for Rescue Mission Banquet

Former American Idol finalist Scott MacIntyre was in Burlington yesterday, performing for approximately 500 donors and prospective donors at the Piedmont Rescue Mission’s annual banquet. MacIntyre finished in the top 10 in Season 8 of American Idol. Blind since birth, MacIntyre’s American Idol audition went viral when host Ryan Seacrest held up his hand to give MacIntyre a high five – a move that MacIntyre of course could not see, meaning that he left Seacrest hanging on the high five attempt. In addition to singing a variety of songs last night, MacIntyre also shared with the crowd how God had saved his life with two different kidney transplants. The Piedmont Rescue Mission provides a variety of programs, including assistance to homeless adults, rehabilitation programs for those battling substance abuse issues, and pregnancy support for expectant moms in need.

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