• Tom Britt

Council Members In Rural Hall Are Defending Graham's New City Manager

You might see Graham’s new City Manager’s name popping up on some of the local newspapers and TV newscasts. Megan Garner resigned as manager of Rural Hall recently. So did 3 council members, and now the state attorney general has called for an investigation into Rural Hall’s finances. Those 3 council members all say the problem is one other council member, who started a smear campaign against them and the former manager. They say Susan Gordon wanted to know why the budget appeared to show no trace of 1.5 million dollars. The council members say they tried to teach her that there are fluctuations in what “appears“ to be on the books and what is actually there. They say the auditors know that and expect that. But they say the new council member would not let it go, and tried to claim those council members and the city manager had somehow done something. Meanwhile, according to the Winston Salem Journal, the interim city manager appointed to take Garner’s place has now also resigned also blaming that Rural Hall council member. Megan Garner will start her time with the city of Graham on November 15th.

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