• Tom Britt

Covid Hospitalization Is Expensive

The Alamance County Health Department says they have 447 active cases of Covid 19 this morning, and that includes 77 new cases just this week. 16 of those 447 confirmed cases are bad enough to be in the hospital.

I mention that because there is a new report out, that talks about how much it would cost if you end up in the hospital with the actual covid. Health experts say most insurance policies have higher deductibles now, which can seriously hurt your bank account. They say if you are in the hospital for covid, the average stay is 6 to 12 days. If you end up on a ventilator the cost goes up dramatically. They say you’re looking at anywhere between 50 thousand and 250 thousand. Even with insurance, the cost out of pocket would be between 25 and 100 thousand.

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