• Kurt Ward

Crimes at Motels Along Burlington’s Maple Avenue Continue to Rise

Statistics show that crime is on the rise among six hotels and motels near the intersection of Maple Avenue and Interstates 40/85 in Burlington. Assistant Burlington Police Chief Brian Long provided stats to The Alamance News for crimes committed at the six motels over the past four years. Dubbed “Part One” crimes, the offenses include rape, robbery and aggravated assault. At the six hotels and motels, reported crime there went from 30 crimes in 2018, to 30 in 2019, to 61 in 2020 and to 55 crimes over the first seven months of 2021. In addition to these offenses, the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office has made 82 drug arrests thus far this year at the hotels in this Maple Avenue area. The six lodging businesses in this area are Econo Lodge, Knights Inn, Microtel, Royal Inn, Maple Hotel and Motel 6.

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