• Kurt Ward

E. Coli Contamination Limited to One Pipe; Boil Notice Lifted Friday

The City of Burlington lifted the boil water order Friday evening, approximately 28 hours after putting that order in place. The lifting of the order came as city officials determined that the city’s water was safe to consume. The boil water was issued Thursday afternoon after an outdoor spigot at an apartment complex near downtown Burlington tested positive for E. coli. The city determined that the E. Coli contamination was isolated to a single pipe connected to that spigot. The boil water noticed affected customers in Burlington, Elon, Gibsonville, Whitsett, Haw River, Ossipee, and the Village of Alamance. The notice also caused many of the restaurants in those cities to close. The City regularly takes water samples from more than 200 random locations to determine if the city’s water is safe.

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