• Kurt Ward

Graham Protest Organizer Found Guilty on Two of Three Charges

The Reverend Gregory Drumwright of Greensboro was found guilty yesterday on two of the three charges he faced for his role in the October 31 protest in Graham. He was said to be guilty of resisting a public officer and failure to disperse on command. His attorneys said they plan to appeal the decision. Drumwright was found not guilty of a misdemeanor riot charge. He was the organizer of a “March to the Polls” event October 31 last year. During the march, protestors used a gas powered generator to power amplified sound equipment. Graham Police and Alamance County Sheriff’s deputies used pepper spray to break up the protest and made several arrests. Drumwright’s charge was one of the more high-profile arrests, as he was the event organizer and is a self-proclaimed national political activist.

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