• Kurt Ward

Law Enforcement Agencies Join Forces to Arrest 53 in Major Drug Bust

On Friday, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies announced the success of a two-year investigation called “Operation Bottom to Top.” The investigation – led by the Alamance County Narcotics Enforcement Team (ANET) resulted in the arrest of 53 people in and around Alamance County, as well as the seizure of numerous illegal drugs. The seizures included 602 pounds of cocaine, 136 pounds of crystal meth, 2.2 pounds of heroin, $3.74 million in U.S. currency, and 22 firearms. The operation also helped solve several shootings and homicides. In addition to the arrests, agents announced that 10 additional people are wanted in connection to the operation. Much of the investigation focused on the activity of 29-year-old Tre McCandies of Burlington, a five-star general of the 9Trey Bloods, a violent gang of the United Blood Nation. ANET investigators partnered with state and federal officials to expand their focus on McCandies and his associates. Agents also identified 41-year-old Brian Maurice Stewart of Burlington as a drug supplier to McCandies. Both McCandies and Stewart were arrested, along with 51 others. Of those arrested, 17 were from Burlington, 7 from Graham and 3 from Mebane.

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