• Tom Britt

Local Man Starts Hot Air Balloon Ride Company

We’ve been telling you about the return of the hot air balloon festival to Alamance County. It is scheduled for Efland this week. One thing you might like to know as well, a hot air balloon company has set up in Mebane. The owner is a man called Ian Leonard. He says he is now offering hot air balloon rides with his company Piedmont Hot Airline. Leonard says he had planned to open last year, but the government forced lockdown pushed that back. He says he is already booked up pretty well for November but you can check for an opening at piedmonthotair.com. He says he will also be taking part in the Tar Heel Balloon Festival coming up tomorrow in Efland. A reminder, hot air ballooning is very dependent on the weather, so there can always be delays or cancellations.

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