• Tom Britt

Local Woman Finds Car Warranty Small Print Is Important

We have been trying to reach you about your car warranty. A Whitsett woman has found out just how deceptive those warranties actually are. Donna Marks used her truck every day to drive back and forth to Charlotte. She says she thought an extended warranty might be a good idea, since the truck was really racking up the mileage. But when she needed a new transmission, she found out just how slimy these companies are. They denied her claim. First they denied it by saying they thought she was using it for business, in violation of the warranty. Then they decided no, it was because the Whitsett woman put 17 inch tires on it instead of 16 and a half inch. Buried deep in the warranty was a statement saying it was void if in their words, she “modified” the truck. They ruled that since the tires are a half inch bigger than stock that was a modification. Just remember that the next time you think that warranty might be a good idea.

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