• Kurt Ward

NC’s Highway System is Nation’s 5th Best

North Carolina’s highway system improved nine spots in the latest Annual Highway Report – a report that ranks the overall conditions and cost-effectiveness of our nation’s highways. North Carolina is now 5th in the U.S. – up from 14th. The jump occurred because of lower highway fatality rates in the past year. The report ranks each state in 13 categories. While North Carolina placed 5th overall, our state did not fare so well in some of the specific safety and performance categories. North Carolina ranked 39th in structurally deficient bridges, 29th in traffic congestion, and 22nd in rural Interstate pavement condition. North Dakota was said to have the nation’s best overall road conditions, with Virginia second, Missouri third and Kentucky fourth. On the other end of the ranking, Alaska’s roads were 48th, Rhode Island’s 49th and New Jersey’s 50th. The Annual Highway Report was released yesterday by the Reason Foundation.

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