• Kurt Ward

Protesters Return to Graham Saturday; Demand Release of Video

Protestors once again gathered in Graham on Saturday, demanding that the Graham Police Department and Alamance County Sheriff’s Office release all video taken during an October 31 march last year. During that October march, police officers and sheriff’s deputies sprayed protestors with pepper spray and made several arrests. A judge ordered the recordings to be released by late June; however, the Graham Police Department appealed that order. On Saturday, marchers declared that they plan to return to Graham every Saturday over the next month to ensure that their demands are heard. In addition to calls for the release of video, Saturday’s protestors also called for the removal of the confederate statue that stands just to the north of the Graham Courthouse. Saturday’s protest was organized by Alamance Alliance for Justice and Justice for the Next Generation. Reporters in attendance estimated that 50 protesters participated in Saturday’s event.

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