• Tom Britt

Truck Driving School Opens In Burlington

A new business in Alamance County to tell you about. You know how all the shortages you run into are being blamed on the supply chain? The products are there. They are being made, but they are stuck at the factories and warehouses for lack of truck drivers. A former truck driver in Burlington has started a new school to teach you how to drive a big rig and get your CDL license. Pamela Day says she is especially interested in getting women into the business. It’s called Cross Country Truck Driving School. They are working out of a 17 thousand square foot facility on Tucker Street, south of the interstate with more than 10 acres to turn that rig around. Day says right now, they are limited to accepting 108 new students each week. Reports say there is a nationwide shortage of truck drivers, with around 200 thousand open jobs right now. If you’re still on the fence, think about this, the industry is paying top dollar right now because drivers are so hard to find and there is a lot of product sitting around waiting to be transported. Again, it's called Cross Country Truck Driving School and it’s on Tucker Street south of the interstate not far from HondaJet.

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